Here are just some of the comments made by previous customers:

Neil Hedley:

Yvonne and Mike build good boats; it’s as simple as that. I asked them if they could adapt a boat specifically for diving. No problem they said, and they meant it. Ask me if I would buy another one and I would answer yes with no hesitation. The boat is well built, it was designed for diving, and it fits the bill perfectly. It is also a great fishing boat,(as supported by my friends), and the after sales support is excellent.


Phil Norton:

Boat is fantastic, starts 1st time every time great sea boat, if sat nav speed is correct made 35 mph felt like we were flying. Fuel economy from Mercruiser diesel is great after 10 trips in river still running on fuel you supplied.


Peter Briens:

All going well with the boat; we’ve been out on the river Dart so that I practice the launch/recovery process and some slow speed manoeuvres. Much admired by all who’ve seen her!


Here is a selection of magazine reviews:

Total Sea Fishing:

‘She really can shift - and in complete control too!’

‘She provides a much greater ability to take on rough water and offers better performance.’


Boat Mart:

‘Turned out to be a boat that ticks all the boxes, not just for boat anglers but also for divers.’

‘The Sportique is a steady, safe, well-built and roomy boat with an economy of running that will appeal to the general-purpose boater.’

Sea Angler:

‘The Sportique 18 Fisher is one of the most impressive purpose-built angling boats I have seen for some time.’

‘Build quality and attention to detail is first class.’

‘Beautiful handling qualities and lateral stability’

Boat Fishing Monthly:

‘There aren’t any corners cut in the Sportique boatyard, you get old fashioned build quality throughout.’

‘The handling is sublime, with the boat tracking as if she is on rails’


Wakeboard and Waterski:

“The Sportique XLS is an all round boat but caters for each discipline excellently. It does everything so well and has the advantage of being built in this country. Normally when something is described as “an all rounder” it’s implied that it does most things well, but doesn’t excel at anything. DO NOT make that mistake with the XLS, THIS BOAT EXCELS IN ALL DEPARTMENTS…”

“you have the ability to get a “one off”, individual boat which is to your taste and is different from all the rest.”


Waterski and Wakeboard

“We are now pleased to tell you that the very popular UK boat builders Sportique have been awarded the contract to supply Sportique Boats to Mark Warner Holidays for all their waterski sites worldwide. Here you see some of the Sportique boats prepared in ivory and Mark Warner blue ready to be container loaded for onward shipment to Greece. All the Sportiques are being supplied with training bars, and because of continued popularity with wakeboarding, wakeboard poles are being fitted to all their boats.

You can now have the confidence to book your holiday knowing you will be well catered for at an approved British Water Ski site being towed by one of the best UK boats.”


“Visibility for driving is good”   

“Low wakes: no evident plume”  

“Well designed; make an excellent boat for trick events”  

“Sportique, more readily affordable and not at all disappointing”  

"The boat was quiet, powerful, responsive and easy to handle"

"There was minimal side spray which proved ideal training boom conditions"  


 Sportsboat and Rib

the XLS has taken three years of painstaking research to achieve the unbelievable wake pattern that it produces”

“These boats are the opposite of compromise – specialisation.“

“At last, there is a British built tournament class ski boat that has brought ski tow hulls to a new level.”

"at around three gallons per hour at skiing speed it is hardly going to break the bank running on petrol"

"A budget ski boat to tournament configuration"  

“If you are desperate for the advantages of EFI in a new ski boat, then it will not come cheaper than the Sportique”  


Waterski International

“This craft is making a name for itself as a small affordable tournament ski boat with the performance to match the big boys"  

"Gets better every time we test it: we recommend it without hesitation"  


Barefoot news: British Water Ski

"This is the boat of choice by current World Champion David Small"  

Sportique Boats Limited ceased trading on 30/09/2014 due to the retirement of its directors. The information  contained here is for historical interest only.